Where are the Top BBCOR bats made?

In the past we have received questions about where bats are made. For those who like to buy BBCOR bats made in the USA, sadly there is only one option of the bats we tested. Here is the breakdown of where each bat we are testing is manufactured.

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We also included where those companies are located and if they are owned by a larger or foreign company below. The Top BBCOR performance reviews will be ready very soon. Sign up for our email list and we will let you know when they are out.

Made in (listed alphabetically):
DeMarini CF7 – China
Easton Mako – China
Easton Torq – China
Louisville Slugger Prime 915 – China
Rawlings Trio – China
RIP-IT Elite – USA

DeMarini – Owned by Wilson located in Chicago, IL, however DeMarini’s offices are located in Hilsboro, OR.

Easton – Around two years ago, on the verge of bankruptcy, Easton was purchased by Bauer, a Canadian company who specializes in hockey. Bauer is also the owner of Combat Sports another bat company that did go bankrupt a few years ago. Easton’s offices are located in Van Nuys, CA.

Louisville Slugger – Owned by Hillerich & Bradsby located in Louisville, KY

Rawlings – Also owned by Wilson located in Chicago, IL, but Rawlings’ offices are located in St. Louis, MO.

RIP-IT – Owned and operated by RIP-IT out of Orlando, FL.

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2015 MOI Update…

We are in the final phases of bat testing for the 2015 Top BBCOR bats. The video below is an example of how we obtain the period of each bat which is one of the variables needed to determine a bat’s MOI.

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Watch a short clip of the Easton Mako period measurement.

To determine the period measurement we had to build a zero friction pendulum system for each bat and then use light gates to measure the period, or time it takes for one pendulum swing.

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2015 BBCOR Reviews…

The 2015 BBCOR bat reviews are almost finished. We should have everything wrapped up and posted by November 1. Join our email list and we will let you know when the reviews are posted.

Just to let everyone know, this year we are updating our BBCOR bat rating system. We are taking bat reviewing to a whole new level through the use of computer modeled data and actual BBCOR test data to determine which BBCOR bats are the top BBCOR bats for you. We felt it was time for a little less opinion and a lot more facts.

The first round of analysis and reviews will include all of the Top BBCOR bats for 2015. Starting with all bats in the $399.99 and up price range. Manufacturers in the first round will include:

Louisville Slugger

We will do our best to add as many bats to the list as possible, but there are limits to what we can afford each year :). In the meantime leave us a comment below and let us know what 2015 bats you are most interested in learning about. And don’t forget to join our email list. We will be emailing everyone as soon as the 2015 buyer’s guide goes up.

Thanks for checking out TopBBCOR.com and we hope everyone gets the perfect bat this season!

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This year, there are a lot of new BBCOR baseball bats on the market that are causing a lot of hype. We have provided a list of the best quality BBCOR certified bats for 2014. We strive to keep our website as updated as possible, so as company’s introduce their new 2014 BBCOR bats, we will update our list accordingly after we demo their latest and greatest top-notch BBCOR bats. Here is our list of the best BBCOR bats currently out right now.

1) RIP-IT’s 2014 BBCOR AIR Elite -3 Baseball Bat

Price: $399.99
Buy Now: www.ripit.com






Out of all the BBCOR certified baseball bats available, RIP-IT’s BBCOR AIR Elite is the one to beat in 2014. The performance of this BBCOR cannot be touched. This two-piece BBCOR bat had a late release. It was finally released months after their 2014 bat lineup was launched. There is no question that this bat almost didn’t pass testing because it was too hot. It has an immense amount of pop. RIP-IT claims that the performance and pop of the bat are owed to their use of Air Technology and a rifle barrel. Whatever the cause might be—it’s awesome.

Our favorite thing about this BBCOR bat is the pop. Out of all the other BBCOR certified baseball bats we demoed, this one had incomparable pop. The barrel of the BBCOR AIR Eliteis very forgiving, allowing you to have great pop and great contact, even when the ball is hit outside of a typical bat’s sweet spot. If you want a best BBCOR bat with a wide hitting range, a barrel with all-over performance and fast swing speed—this is it.

At $399.99, this BBCOR bat is worth every penny. There’s no risk to this reward. RIP-IT offers the best return and warranty policy out of any other company on our list. Unlike the other brands on our list that offer a one-year (365 day) warranty; RIP-IT offers a full 400-day warranty and has a 30-day full refund return policy. They are also the only ones on our list to offer a warranty with unlimited repairs and replacements.

Another feature that sets the BBCOR AIR Elite apart from all others is the grip. RIP-IT’s contact grip gets the job done preventing sting while still being comfortable. We also can’t deny that it is the fastest BBCOR certified bat we have ever tried.

The lack of vibration can also be owed to the fact that it is a two-piece bat. The BBCOR AIR Elite has a composite handle and an alloy barrel so players can get lots of pop while still avoiding sting.

Covering all our bases of durability, power, control, balance, speed and pop; we just had to put this bat at number one. Needless to say, we are interested to see how RIP-IT is going to top this one next year.

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Check out the 2014 BBCOR AIR in action:

2) DeMarini’s 2014 BBCOR Voodoo Paradox -3 Baseball Bat

Price: $299.95
Buy Now: www.demarini.com


DeMarini’s BBCOR comes in at number two with stunning control. The Voodoo Paradox gives players complete control over their swing and can absolutely crush anything that comes its way. The swing is considerably lightweight and gives you a good amount of power. Our only complaint about the bat is that it is a little top-heavy, which is why it would probably be best for a power hitter as opposed to a contact hitter.

Because the bat is top-heavy it may be a littler more difficult for contact hitters to swing and you may also have more trouble with swing speed if you are a smaller player. But nonetheless, the Voodoo Paradox is one of the best BBCOR bats on the market with an insane amount of power.

Our favorite thing about this BBCOR bat is the end cap. DeMarini’s end cap design is seemingly damage-proof, giving you one less thing to worry out. We can tell that DeMarini set out to make durability a major factor in this BBCOR certified bat, and it shows.

With a stunning amount of speed, power, durability and control, there is no doubt that this bat deserves some hype at our number two spot.

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Watch a review:


3) Easton’s 2014 MAKO BBCOR -3 Adult Baseball Bat

Price: $449.95
Buy Now: www.easton.com






The Easton MAKO series has hit stores and is causing a stir. The new look of this 2014 BBCOR is undeniably slick. The new MAKO not only looks stellar, but it carries a great amount of power too, as promised. The biggest improvement that Easton has made with this new BBCOR bat, however, is the sweet spot. The sweet spot on the Easton MAKO is huge and has worked wonders for the power of the bat. We were expecting the MAKO BBCOR to be powerful, and it does not disappoint. The barrel delivers pop and power that will impress even the pickiest batters.

Our problem with the bat is that just like past Easton bats, there is too much vibration. Even with the patented ConneXion Technology and the Diamond Grip, vibrations sneak into the handle and can be bothersome to players. We were expecting little to no sting with this brand new Easton MAKO series, but it seems the concern in creating this bat was solely power.

Although this bat does deliver some pretty impressive power and features an ample sweet spot, it still has a little room for improvements. At such a high price-point, the Easton MAKO doesn’t score very many kudos with us as far as value goes. To make it to our number one spot Easton should provide a bat with less sting and at a lower price point so players from all socioeconomic classes can be on an even playing field.

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Watch the 2014 Easton MAKO in action:

4) Marucci’s 2014 Elite BBCOR: MCBE14 – 3 Adult Baseball Bat

Price: Now $399.99
Buy Now: www.maruccisports.com


What a smooth swing. This top-notch BBCOR bat is well weighted, making it easy to swing. Speed is also a major factor in this bat. With the weight being dispersed in all the right places, the bat is remarkably fast.

The 2014 Marucci Elite is also made of multiple materials. This BBCOR baseball bat is fused with both aluminum and carbon, which created a durable lightweight bat. The material may also be a large contributor to this BBCOR bat’s power. With the right contact, this bat can do major damage.

However, the sweet spot is less than impressive. Although the 2014 Marucci Elite BBCOR delivers undeniable power and speed, you have to hit it on just the right spot to get the maximum performance out of this BBCOR bat. With such great power, it shouldn’t be this difficult to get a hold of. The minimal sweet spot is a huge let down. Even though the barrel looks as though it has a large sweet spot, it turns out to be pretty deceiving. Performance is not a given factor all over the barrel.

But, we have to give kudos to Marucci for their grip. The Kevlar-Reinforced Grip feels great, keeps your hands loose and eliminates sting—even in cold weather. With such great balance and a fast swing, this Marucci BBCOR bat doesn’t fall short at our number four spot.

The only thing to take into consideration is the price point. Spending around 400 dollars is quite a tall order–and we aren’t so certain the MCBE14 Elite is worth it. But, we are looking forward to seeing what Marucci delivers for their 2015 BBCOR bat line up.

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Watch the 2014 Marucci Elite BBCOR in action:

5) Combat’s 2013 B4 Portent -3 BBCOR Baseball Bat

Price: Now $379.99
Buy Now: www.combatsportsgroup.com


At our number five, Combat’s 2013 B4 Portent has an astonishingly light swing. If you want a BBCOR bat with lots of power and a light swing then this is a great bat for you. Although the Combat BBCOR bat is very light, it still has incredible control and balance. It makes for an awesome swing for any batter; power hitter or not.

Combat claims that due to their use of Separation Barrier Technology, this BBCOR will have “hot” performance straight out of the wrapper. Well, we agree! Right out of the wrapper when breaking in the bat, it has tremendous pop and power. It is ready to use at the plate almost immediately.

However, the only negative is this BBCOR bat seems to lose its sensational “pop” overtime. Although it has outstanding balance, power and pop—if you want a long-term bat that is going to last you more than a season, you may want to choose another from our best BBCOR bat list!

This one-piece composite bat has tremendous feel. From the grip to the overall balance, your swing should be light and fast. With power and pop, this bat delivers great immediate performance at our number five spot. But, beware of the pop fading out overtime.

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We could not find a bat review on the B4 Portent but here is a video by JustBats explaining the features:

6) Louisville Slugger 2014 Assault BBCOR -3 Adult Baseball Bat

Price: $199.99
Buy now: www.slugger.com


Louisville Slugger has come out with an affordable bat with awesome performance. The 2014 Louisville Slugger Assault is a BBCOR loaded with pop and even more impressive swing. The Assault BBCOR, like other Louisville bats, includes the Flex Band Barrel Technology. This technology allows for a lower swing weight–and it actually works! The bat feels light and gives players the ultimate swing with lots of speed.

This one-piece alloy design also gives players lots of pop. The ball jumps right off the barrel with plenty of momentum. This BBCOR bat however, will be best suited for power hitters. Contact hitters may want to look elsewhere for a bat with a more balanced swing. The end cap is also something to consider when purchasing the 2014 Louisville Assault. It is more than likely with the Assault that the end cap will come off, especially when making contact towards the end of the barrel on outside pitches.

For the most part, the Louisville Slugger Assault is a solid BBCOR bat with a good amount of power and a great amount of pop. Our complaints come from the durability of the bat when it comes to the end cap and the inability to protect players from sting. The synthetic grip could also be a bit more comfortable to hold on to. It doesn’t conform to players’ grips as well as it should.

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We could not find a video review of the 2014 Louisville Slugger Assault. However, here is an informative video by JustBats.com: