UPDATE: 2015 Top BBCOR bats are listed in our buyer’s guide. Get it here.

This year, there are a lot of new BBCOR baseball bats on the market that are causing a lot of hype. We have provided a list of the best quality BBCOR certified bats for 2014. We strive to keep our website as updated as possible, so as company’s introduce their new 2014 BBCOR bats, we will update our list accordingly after we demo their latest and greatest top-notch BBCOR bats. Here is our list of the best BBCOR bats currently out right now.

26 thoughts on “2014′s BEST BBCOR BATS

  1. If you really want the best BBCOR bat list you have to include our MOAB. Test it for yourself as many others have done. The MOAB is unquestionably the Mother of All Bats especially in the BBCOR.50 category.

  2. are you a retailer or you compare bat’s.I am confused how do I know what you are saying is accurate specifically the Easton versus the ripping

  3. all you a retailerI was about to purchase a Mako and I seen your post saying that to rip it has a lot more popis this your opinionhow did you test this

    • We took hundreds of swings with both, we took at least 300 swings with the MAKO first to make sure it was fully broken in before we compared it to the rip it BBCOR AIR Elite. Baseballs flew off the rip-it bat faster than the MAKO. The alloy barrel on the rip-it has more of a trampoline-like effect than the composite MAKO barrel. The MAKO definitely is a hot bat though, you should try out both bats and let us know what you think! We definitely want to get the opinions of other consumers, because both of these 2014 bbcor bats are really hot this year. Definitely a game changer for the bbcor era. Those two bats are the closest thing you are going to get to the old besr standard.

    • The RIP-IT BBCOR Air Elite. It’s balanced, it has a lot of pop, and it is a two piece so you are going to feel less vibrations than a with one-piece bat.

    • Our number one choice, the AIR Elite has lots of pop and is a two-piece bat with a composite handle and alloy barrel. But, if you are looking for a FULLY composite bat then the 2014 Easton MAKO is the one to beat this year. It is a two-piece BBCOR made of all composite, lots of pop, gets hotter as you use it more.

  4. My son has had his most success with one piece aluminum bats. What, in your opinion, is the best bat in that category? He has swung the Team Marucci at it is not a very well balanced bat.

    • Well in the BBCOR era, alloy is the closest thing we get to full aluminum. The best one-piece alloy bat out right now would have to be the RIP-IT BBCOR AIR. We have the RIP-IT BBCOR AIR Elite listed on the list this year, but the BBCOR AIR is a great bat as well and it is a fully alloy design so it’s more balanced. The Rawlings 5150 Velo is also a great alloy bat to try out and is said to be really durable.

    • It’s hard to say on balance. Both the Rip-It AIR Elite and the Combat B4 Portent are pretty evenly balanced. The AIR Elite has a little more bounce than the B4 Portent though, so the AIR Elite has a small one-up on the Portent as far as pop goes.

  5. It seems that this website and the rip-it official website are very similar in terms of background, lettering, and base design. Coincidence? Seems doubtful. This seems like a biased site. Is this site in any way afiliated with rip-it?

    • This is actually just a free WordPress site! We are currently using the theme “twenty eleven” and just added a banner with all the bat company logos, rip-it is just the first one to appear on the slideshow because we ranked them number one. Sorry for the confusion.

  6. Just wondering what bat you would suggest for our 14 yr old son who plays Jr. League Baseball in the Summer months as well as hoping to try out for the HS Baseball Team next Spring? We are looking at the 33″ 2013 Rawlings Velo 5150, but was wondering what you would suggest to be able to be used in ‘BOTH’ League’s at a ‘REASONABLE’ price? He has used DeMarini bats mainly previously & as I said would like to get him a reasonably priced bat we can use for both league’s that will hopefully last him for a few yrs.? He is 5’6″ & about 110# with a fairly quick swing? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated ASAP for we’re looking to get his bat ordered SOON?

    • For High School he will absolutely need to have a BBCOR bat, so there is no getting around that. It sounds like you are looking at a great option already. The Rawlings Velo 5150 is actually an awesome BBCOR bat. It is reasonably priced and Rawlings is known for their outstanding durability, so it should last him a good while.

  7. 11u baseball, small contact hitter, any suggestions on brand of bat to narrow down to, way to many choices. Want him using 2 5/8…

    • Zachary– Unfortunately we only review BBCOR bats on this site so I can’s speak for any particular senior bat’s performance. However, I can tell you that an 11u contact hitter should probably look for a -10 over a -8 or -5. The -10 will have a lower MOI (swing weight) when compared to the -8′s and -5′s. My guess is that just about any of the major brands’ Senior bats are going to perform pretty much the same from a lab testing standpoint. It really will come down to what ‘feels’ best for the player. This is one reason we are big fans of RIP-IT’s return and exchange policies. RIP-IT will allow you to purchase any of their bats and try them for 30 days. During the 30 day period you are free to return for a refund or exchange for a different size. If you live in the US they also provide free shipping both ways on returns and exchanges. For that reason I would probably start there. Hope that helps and good luck on picking the right bat!

  8. Which has more pop the Easton XL1 bbcor or the Velo. We are just moving to BBCOR and always used the Easton XL1 with success . I’m hearing a lot about the Velo just don’t want to make the change and regret it.

    • We recommend trying the 2015 (or 2014) Mako if you are making the change from Senior ball to BBCOR. The Mako has a really low MOI which will help with the transition to a heavier bat. As for your question between the XL1 and the Velo that is hard to help you with since each player is different and will have different tastes. If you have not already, try downloading our 2015 BBCOR Buyer’s Guide for a more detailed explanation. If you do go with the Mako, last year’s bat is nearly identical in MOI and pop and you will save money going with the 2014 over the 2015.

  9. I have been wanting to get the Akadema ” The Deep” bbcor bat for a while now, but I have not seen anyone with that bat. have you tried it? What are your thoughts on this bat and how does it compare to other top bats?

    Thank you

  10. My son is 4’11″ and weighs about 115lbs. He used the 29″ Easton S3 last year and it had very little pop. He needs a 30″ bat this year. What do you recommend?

    • Based on the information you posted I would suggest the Easton Mako. It is the easiest to swing because of a super light MOI. Try our ‘name your price’ tool to get it at a great deal.

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