KINO Training App

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 10.36.44 AMThe KINO app is now live and it promises to be a game changer for players who want to improve their baseball skills. We received early access to the app and this is what we thought about it.

The KINO app provides really good hitting instruction through its ‘Tip of the Week’. The coach in the video breaks down complex aspects of a baseball swing into easy to understand tips that help players build their hitting foundations.

In addition to the ‘Tip of the Week’, KINO offers ‘Drills of the Day’ that are centered around reinforcing what was taught in the ‘Tip of the Week’.

The KINO app also provides pitching instruction using the same format as the hitting instructions. Pitchers receive a ‘Tip of the Week’ followed by some ‘Drills of the Day’ to speed up learning.

In addition to training, the KINO app also offers players a news feed that pulls baseball stories from around the Internet into one place. If you eat, sleep, and breath baseball, then you will enjoy the news feed. The news feed is curated by KINO editors and pulls the best stories in baseball from top sites like ESPN,, and social media.

When we tested the KINO app the quiz functionality was in beta, but it looks very promising for younger players to learn the game of baseball. The quizzes in KINO will be centered around situational awareness to help players learn what to do depending on the situation on the field.

Learn Everything About Baseball

KINO offers players a more convenient way to train and learn more about the sport of baseball.

KINO offers players two pricing options that include a free 30 day trial. Additionally, KINO does an awesome job notifying you when your free trial is going to end so you can cancel before your credit card gets charged.

KINO is a great app for players who want to take their training to the next level. The ‘Tips of the Week’ and the ‘Drills of the Day’ layout a clear path to improvement and the situational quizzes will help younger players learn the game more quickly. Additionally, the free trial and the ease of cancellation shows that KINO is interested in building a great training app and learning from customer feedback.

Try KINO today because it is pretty cool and has a free trial.

smartBAT for Baseball and Softball


RIP-IT launched a Kickstarter campaign for their new smartBAT. The bat is designed to be a training bat that helps you better understand your hitting performance as you train.

Key features:

  1. Tracks your swing speed and allows you to compare swing speed data over time. This allows you to better visualize how your training and practice is helping your swing.
  2. Tracks your quality of contact and allows you to compare our quality of contact over time.
  3. Tracks your swing angle and allows you to compare different swings from hitting sessions to better understand how your swing angle affects your performance.
  4. Tracks the number of swings taken over a given time period. This allows players, parents, and coaches to easily see how much work a player is putting in to get better.

There are some cool perks for early backers on Kickstarter. You can find the project at


KINO Metrics Training App


KINO Metrics is launching a new baseball training app and you can get early access for free. The app is designed to help players improve as hitters. We got a sneak peak at the app and it is jammed pack with instructional drills and strength training exercises that are designed to make you a better hitter. The best feature of the programs is they are very ‘home user’ friendly. Meaning the majority players and parents should be able to follow the programs without needing special equipment or buying training tools.

The app is designed for players who want to improve technique and power. The app works best for both older players (15 to 25) who train on their own and younger kids (8 to 14) who train with dad or mom.

We really like the KINO Metrics training app because it is a simple way to improve a player’s hitting. It also does a great job of explaining each drill and exercise in a way that both advanced and novice players will appreciate.

If you really want to improve as a hitter this app will give you an edge. The app is currently only available by invitation, which you can request for free at KINO Metrics.

Name your price bat popularity.

Here is a break down of the most requested bats on our ‘name your price’ system. We will try and keep this post updated as often as possible.

30.4% RIP-IT Helium
19.6% DeMarini CF7
17.5% RIP-IT Elite
15.7% Louisville Slugger Prime 915
11.3% Easton Mako
3.0% Easton Torq
2.5% Rawlings Trio

You can try our ‘name your price’ system by going here. You can also download our 2015 Buyer’s Guide here.

How to grip the Easton Torq BBCOR bat.

While watching the Easton Torq videos on the Easton website I noticed that all the hitters seemed to be choking up on the bat. I was curious as to why that was the case, so I pulled out our Easton Torq and realized you have to choke up for it to ‘work’ as intended. So basically you have to place your top hand above the black part of the grip. See the screen shots from the Easton video to understand what I’m talking about.

Torq Choke-UpWhen I tried placing my hands like this I could feel the rotation of the handle was actually doing something. Personally I did not like how it felt. I also did not like the idea of having to choke up on the bat.

Torq Choke-UpBased on these findings, if you are thinking about buying an Easton Torq you might want to think about going up a size since you are going to have to choke up about an inch. And be prepared for the bat to feel very different if you are used to feeling the knob when you swing.

BBCOR Bat Discounts

UPDATE 4/2/15: It took a little longer than anticipated, but the new ‘name your price’ feature is live at The site lets you bid on the bat you want at a price you want to pay.

UPDATE 3/5/15: We are making massive improvements to the ‘name your price’ feature on TopBBCOR. The new ‘name your price’ tool will be available within the next 7 days. Until then, we will not be following up with requests on the form below. However, if you want to be notified when the updated site is available fill out the form below and we will email you when it is ready.

RIP-IT BBCOR Helium Review

RIP-IT Helium BBCOR Review

We tried the new Helium BBCOR by RIP-IT and it is the best RIP-IT bat we have ever tested. It is only available in 32″ and 33″ lengths.

The bat swings light enough to be used by the one and two hitters in the lineup, but has power that a three, four, or five hitter would enjoy. North Texas Baseball has a pretty nice review video on their site with a kid who is hitting the crap out of the ball.

This BBCOR bat is going to replace the DeMarini CF7 as our number one bat for the 1, 2, and some 3 hitters in the lineup. So if you have already downloaded the buyer’s guide please note that change. However, RIP-IT is only making 5,000 of these so if you miss out on the Helium, the CF7 is your best bet for one and two hitters in the lineup.

There are a few places taking pre-orders right now for the helium which ships in early February 2015.

North Texas Baseball:

RIP-IT also has a pre-order page up that can be found in the description of their YouTube video.




What size BBCOR baseball bat should I get?

Picking the correct size BBCOR bat for your size and strength is the most important decision you make as a hitter. This is because a bat that is too big/heavy or too small/light will result in sub-optimal hitting performance.

Download our 2015 buyer’s guide to learn what bats are best for each type of player.

The best way to determine what size bat to buy is to try the bat you are thinking about buying. If possible, take the bat into the cage or to batting practice and see how it feels. If you are able to get the bat through the zone and make solid contact that size BBCOR bat is probably best for you. However, if you feel late or not confident in your swing that bat is likely too big.

If trying the bat is not possible before purchase you should use your best judgement based on the players age, height, weight, strength, and playing ability.

Young Players:
To start, age is a pretty good starting indicator for size. Players who are moving into BBCOR from a senior bat should look at 31 inch or 32 inch sizes. Average and below average hitters should opt for the 31 inch to help compensate for the added weight of a BBCOR bat. Young players who are great hitters should try a 32 inch to give them more plate coverage and more power on contact. We do not recommend anything longer than 32 inch for players new to BBCOR as the transition to the heavier BBCOR bats will take some time to get used to.

Older Players:
If the player has been playing BBCOR ball for a couple years we recommend either a 32 inch or 33 inch bat. Similar to choosing a bat for young players, the stronger hitters will want to shoot for a 33 inch bat, while contact hitters may want to purchase a 32 inch. Some companies make half sizes like 32.5 inch if you feel you might be in-between sizes.

Advanced and Really Strong Players:
If the player is a great hitter and is physically strong then we recommend trying either a 33 inch or 34 inch BBCOR bat. Very few players in high school and even college should swing a 34 inch BBCOR, so if you are unsure on the size we recommend sticking with the 33 inch for the added bat speed and bat control.

For more detailed information regarding what bats are best for each player type download our 2015 buyer’s guide.

What is MOI and why does it matter?

MOI or moment of inertia is a measurement of how much energy is required to take a bat from a state of rest to a state of motion. BBCOR bats with a lower MOI require less effort to swing than BBCOR bats with a higher MOI.

Is lower MOI better?

Lower MOI BBCOR bats are easier to swing, but there is a trade off of performance with lower MOI bats. Higher MOI bats are harder to swing, but offer more pop on contact with the ball.

What MOI is best for me?

There are many factors that can determine what MOI is best for a player. Speaking very broadly, lower MOI bats are better for contact hitters and higher MOI bats are better for power hitters. However, players should always strive for the highest MOI bat they can swing with confidence and control.

If you want to learn the MOI values of each of the Top BBCOR bats you should download our 2015 buyer’s guide. In the buyer’s guide we measure each bat’s MOI and balance point to help players understand what bat is best for them.

Download MOI report and 2015 buyer’s guide now.

2015 Top BBCOR Bats by Type of Hitter

The following 2015 BBCOR bats were tested by us using the BBCOR testing standard to determine the balance point and MOI for each bat. With that information we were able to place each bat into three categories to help you better determine which bat is best for you. The three categories are:

1. Best for One, Two, and Three (contact) hitters.
2. Best for Three (power), Four, and Five hitters.
3. Best for Six, Seven, Eight, and Nine hitters.

By selecting a BBCOR bat that has the correct balance point and MOI for the type of hitter you are will result in much better performance at the plate.

The full report can be emailed to you here.

Here are the photos of the bats we tested. They are on the scales used to determine balance point. Photos were posted in alphabetical order.

DeMarini BBCOR BatsEaston Mako BBCOREaston Torq BBCORLouisville Slugger Prime 915 BBCORRawlings Trio BBCORRIP-IT Elite BBCORBefore you buy a BBCOR bat this season, make sure you know what type of hitter that bat is for. The report can be downloaded by joining our email list.